You Don’t Need An Expensive Juicer. A Blender Will Do.

I started “juicing” in an interesting way. I needed some major dental work done, and could not eat for days! They said 24 hours, but that was not the case! I was sick of Popsicles and soup and was constantly starving, so I turned to my cheap regular blender (not a juicer, but has a juicer button.) I began by experimenting with fresh fruit that I had on hand, pineapple, strawberries, bananas, raspberries, and even grapes.

Finally, I had found something that gave me some energy and took the horrible hunger pains away. The reason I mentioned it being “my regular cheap blender,” is because I have friends who have 200$ juicers, and I want people to know you can make delicious smooth is and juice with most blenders.

I would at least invest 50$ if you want everything to break down in the blender. Since my dental nightmare, I am still making juices and smoothies because the taste great and fill me up. Also, if there is a fruit or vegetable that you don’t particularly like, you can throw it in the mix and mask it with some of your favorite fruits and vegetables.

For example, I got daring and made a green juice. The prime ingredient was kale, but also apples and bananas, so it still tasted so good! Don’t be scared to try new things because you might just like them!