Sometimes Juicing Can Be Time Intensive

I bought a Hamilton Beach juicer online a year ago for $60. It was quite a bargain compared to other brands and has held up well so far.

I try to juice 3 or 4 days a week. I typically buy my produce from Whole Foods and try to stick with organic. I’ll thoroughly wash and chop the vegetables and put them in freezer bags. The following morning I’ll juice before getting ready for work. It’s best to drink the juice on an empty stomach. The prep time is really the biggest deterrent to juicing on a regular basis. After washing and chopping the produce, the actual juicing takes several minutes.


This juicer has a wider mouth so fortunately I don’t need to chop the vegetables too finely. Then I dismantle the juicer and wash each part in the sink. The basket is especially difficult to clean and requires a special brush. I usually put a plastic bag in the back part to catch the refuse. That way it’s one less part to wash later. While the parts are drying, I drink the juice. Afterwards I put the juicer back together and store it away for later in the week.

Freshness is key so I really only juice one serving at a time. Again, it’s labor and time intensive, but overall I have really enjoyed juicing. I alternate between green juices and orange juices. The green consists of celery, cucumber, green apple and ginger. The orange juice usually consists of sweet potato, carrots and turmeric.

Prior to juicing my diet was very limited and I rarely got the recommended amount of vegetables in my diet. Since juicing I feel more energetic and healthier overall. My skin tone and texture has improved as well. My hair and nails grow faster. This past winter I felt like my immune system was stronger than ever and I didn’t suffer with a cold or flu. I will continue to juice as often as I’m able.