My Progress After One year Of Regular Juicing

My name is Chris Thomas and I own a black and decker juicer. I have been juicing for about a year now after hearing my friends talk about it. I have really enjoyed juicing and they taste great. I love to use lots of fruit and some vegetables.

One of my favorite is Kale, cucumber, celery, grapes and apples. I tend to stick to more green juices but sometimes will do carrots and apples as well. The big draw back to juicing I would say is that having a lot of fresh fruit all the time isn’t cheap. I would love to juice everyday but for me it isn’t feasible.

I want to get a better juicer in the future but they aren’t too cheap either. I guess the cost of juicing isn’t favorable, but I think it can have really great health benefits. I wish fruit wasn’t so expensive. I know a lot of people like to use frozen fruits which is a lot cheaper and easier to keep at home. I might start doing that. I enjoy making juices for my friends when they come over and they really enjoying them. Some of them tell me they never thought vegetables could taste so good in a drink.

I’ve never been a fan of drinks like V8 but when I make my own its really good. Although im not a big fan of tomatoes in my juices. Kale is really good and I have heard has really great health benefits as well. It has inspired me to watch my health though after juicing and I have learn to substitute a meal or 2 with a juice. Although I still near to have at least one good solid meal a day. One day I want to start growing my own vegetables to juice with. I think theres something a little more satisfying with making your own juice at home. I want to get one for my job so I can make some at work as well.