My Journey To Better Health

I started juicing a couple years ago. Juicing is an innovative way to get the nutrients you need without necessarily consuming the actual fruit or vegetable. I’m really picky when it comes to eating vegetables. I don’t like celeries , tomatoes, carrots, etc. You see where I’m going with this. I don’t like vegetables, period.

I did need the nutrients that comes with eating those vegetables, though. I started juicing as a way to at least get some of the nutrients without having to actually eat them. So far, it’s helped. I feel good.

Juicing is also a low calorie alternative for a quick snack. It’s better than chips, I’ll tell you that. It’s filling depending what you use. I try a wide variety of mixes, but mostly I do my main drink. It consists of carrots, celeries, a half of a tomato, half a cucumber and half an apple. The vegetables are for nutrients and the apple’s for, well, taste. The apple really makes a huge difference when it comes to the taste.

Whenever I’m at home and I’m hungry between meals, I’ll just juice some vegetables. It’s better than grabbing some chips. It’s a healthy and low calorie substitute for a snack or even a meal. Since juicing, my energy has gone up and I just feel better all around.

The juicer I’ve been using has been an amazing one. It’s the Jack Lalane’s Deluxe Juicer. What’s different between this and the regular model is this is made with higher quality stainless steel parts and just looks amazing. It’s really dependable.

My mother has owned the basic model for years and it’s worked superb. When I went to the store, I seen the deluxe model. I didn’t really know it had higher quality parts, I just liked how it matched my kitchen. I purchased it and haven’t looked back at all. I’ve used it for years and never had a problem. It cleans easily and is strong. It’s a reputable company so if a part breaks, you can call them and replace it.

Even if it’s years later, they might throw it in for free. I would recommend this juicer to anyone in the market for one and it’s price isn’t too crazy so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

Overall, I’d recommend juicing to anyone. It has so many benefits. You get the nutrients you need if you’re on the go or if you just don’t eat the vegetables. It’s fresh and you know what’s in it. When you buy juices in the bottle from the store, they have all these preservatives and what not to keep it from spoiling. When you make it at home, it’s fresh. You can get creative with the recipes. You can juice anything you want, except probably a banana. Trust me, I’ve tried. Don’t juice a banana! Just kidding, I didn’t really try it. But seriously though, don’t juice the banana. Nothing good can come from that. Ok, back to what I was saying. You can make anything you want. The recipes are endless. So many combinations of fruits and vegetables, you’ll enjoy going to the produce section just to see what you can create this week. Juicing has become part of my life and if you try it, I’m sure it will become part of yours also. Enjoy!