Juicing Has Been Great To Me So Far

I am somewhat new to juicing, but I will let you know how great it has been so far. I usually use two different types of drinks, a green healthy one and a more tasty one. Both are very high in fiber and should be taken seriously.

So the green drink has banana, kiwi, and then an experimental or already tried healthy, not nice tasting green. Kale or spinach, or countless other chards and other healthy leafy green produce have been juiced with banana and kiwi to produce a drink that took a while to get used to.

Actually I feel like I was a competitive eater and was just drinking because it was a challenge. Now it is easier though so I am not bothered by it. The better tasting drink was made of orange, watermelon, strawberry, and mango. This combo was much easier to drink. I often enjoyed the tasty drink, but it was very filling.

Now on to the healthy benefits

I feel good when I eat healthy things like fruit even when I just eat them, so eating so many like that really feels nice; partially a sugar rush perhaps. Also, it is very good for digestion which is important. But what I’m really looking forward to is losing some weight. I will not go into that much detail, but these drinks have a lot of fiber in them and are very healthy for the stomach. Try the good tasting drinks first so you do not get scared off from the overly healthy drinks.