I’m Much Healthier Overall Thanks To Juicing

My experience with juicing has been amazing. I have become a healthier person as a result of it.

How It Taught Me To Eat Breakfast

I was never really a breakfast person. I would wake up, rush out of the door and by lunchtime I was starving – which resulted in me eating more than I should have.

By dinner, same story, and then followed by dessert, after which I would fast for the next 12 hours basically.

My blood sugar was unstable, my energy levels were awful, and I wasn’t getting the vitamins I needed.

I wasn’t at an unhealthy weight, actually I was more towards underweight if anything. But I was vitamin deficient, I could tell. I had seem some juice recipes on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.

I bought a Black & Decker juicer from Target for about $50 and it’s been great for me. I don’t really personally need a $300 juicer. I started out pretty basic, just making normal juices like pineapple (my favorite) and apple.

My Recipes Have Evolved


You can grow your own wheatgrass.

You can grow your own wheatgrass.

As time went on, I got more and more into it and started branching out, adding things like wheat grass and protein powder. It soon became an addiction (albeit a healthy one!) and I would spend time just researching new recipes.

Currently, my favorite is still good, old fashioned pineapple, but nothing beats a tall, fresh glass of “green” juice. To make that, I basically add whatever I can find (this is a great way to use up fruits and veggies before they go bad). Usually it’s kale, carrot, spinach, apple, pear…it turns out thicker, almost like a smoothie, and is just very filling. Plus, as someone who would rather eat french fries than a bowl of spinach, it’s amazing to be able to watch a movie and get my entire day’s worth of vegetables in one sitting!

Juicing shouldn’t replace food, nor should you decide to not eat vegetables altogether just because you’re juicing. Obviously, you’ll still want to get most of your nutrients from actual food – that’s the ideal. But for someone like me who just flat out wasn’t, juicing has really changed my life. My energy has increased, my skin complexion is better, I sleep better, and I’m just very happy with my decision to juice!