I really love juicing and it has made an enormous difference in my life and my health

We bought a ninja 2000 blender at Costco for under $100, mostly because I wanted to lose a few pounds. It has two blending containers and the nice thing about it is it has big sharp multiple blades that would really work well to chop and blend vegetables. We have juice shakes every morning with our breakfast. Sometimes we have juice with yogurt and sometimes we take the juice in a to go cup.

My wife rides the train to work every day and she takes her juice with her and drinks it and has her breakfast on the train. We use many different ingredients in our juicing efforts at home. One of the common themes however is we use kale leaves In almost every single concoction we make. We have read a lot about the health benefits of kale.

In addition I buy whole pineapples regularly and because we are grinding it up we use so much more of the pineapple than normal. I always add a banana to get that extra potassium and occasionally I will add some protein mix and various oils and vitamins.

If you are ready these are the results since I began juicing 11 months ago. When I started juicing I weighed 240 pounds plus or minus 5 pounds. A little over 11 months almost 12 months later I now weigh 200 pounds. I feel I am in the best health ever in my life.

My doctor agrees my health has improved

I had borderline high blood pressure before I started juicing and now my blood pressure is almost a perfect 120/80. This is very meaningful to me because I am an older father. I am 60 years old this year and I have an eight-year-old daughter. With the kind of improvement I’ve made in my health and feel I will be able to maintain I expect to be around a long time in her life. I feel I have a lot of thanks to give to juicing.