Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment With Juice Combinations

My experience with a juicer wasn’t to bad, some of the drinks the diet had me make tasted amazing and I still drink them to this day. On the other hand some of the drinks that were asking to add in some of the grasses I couldn’t even drink they were so bitter.

The first I juiced I was amazed at how much juice was actually coming out of the fruit and especially the vegetables. I mean a couple apples and some vegetables and I was almost at a full cup already. The juicer has been amazing for me. The instructions were clear and its helped me eat a lot healthier.

Its so easy now to wake up and make a quick drink and go to work instead of grabbing a soda and just leaving. I feel like I have more energy lately to with cutting out my soda and making shake instead. My favorite shake that I usually make is the version I found of the Bolthouse Berry Boost drink. It takes amazing and it has all different kinds of berries in it to give it a unique flavor. There are even times I try to experiment with adding different fruits to it but, this only works some of the times lol. I usually give the drink and strange flavor ruin it.

I never really tried any of the set juicing diets which I’m sure would help me with my drink making, I much rather just experiment with flavors and see what I can come up with.

In conclusion, my life has been changed completely since I bought this juicer and started using it. Ive lost 10 pounds overall and I have a ton more energy throughout the day now. I wish I would of found this a few years ago when I was in college and playing sports this probably would of helped a lot with making protein shakes that actually would of tasted better.