Sometimes Juicing Can Be Time Intensive

I bought a Hamilton Beach juicer online a year ago for $60. It was quite a bargain compared to other brands and has held up well so far. I try to juice 3 or 4 days a week. I typically buy my produce from Whole Foods and try to stick with organic. I’ll thoroughly wash […]

My Progress After One year Of Regular Juicing

My name is Chris Thomas and I own a black and decker juicer. I have been juicing for about a year now after hearing my friends talk about it. I have really enjoyed juicing and they taste great. I love to use lots of fruit and some vegetables. One of my favorite is Kale, cucumber, […]

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment With Juice Combinations

My experience with a juicer wasn’t to bad, some of the drinks the diet had me make tasted amazing and I still drink them to this day. On the other hand some of the drinks that were asking to add in some of the grasses I couldn’t even drink they were so bitter. The first […]

My Journey To Better Health

I started juicing a couple years ago. Juicing is an innovative way to get the nutrients you need without necessarily consuming the actual fruit or vegetable. I’m really picky when it comes to eating vegetables. I don’t like celeries , tomatoes, carrots, etc. You see where I’m going with this. I don’t like vegetables, period. […]

I’m Much Healthier Overall Thanks To Juicing

My experience with juicing has been amazing. I have become a healthier person as a result of it. How It Taught Me To Eat Breakfast I was never really a breakfast person. I would wake up, rush out of the door and by lunchtime I was starving – which resulted in me eating more than […]

You Don’t Need An Expensive Juicer. A Blender Will Do.

I started “juicing” in an interesting way. I needed some major dental work done, and could not eat for days! They said 24 hours, but that was not the case! I was sick of Popsicles and soup and was constantly starving, so I turned to my cheap regular blender (not a juicer, but has a […]

Juicing Is A Family Affair

Juicing has been a huge part of my family’s life for the last five decades. It started off with my grandfather, a new immigrant at the time who had left everything he knew and was comfortable with in Eastern Europe, seeking a new hobby, one that did not involve any kind of new adjustment and […]

Juicing Has Been Great To Me So Far

I am somewhat new to juicing, but I will let you know how great it has been so far. I usually use two different types of drinks, a green healthy one and a more tasty one. Both are very high in fiber and should be taken seriously. So the green drink has banana, kiwi, and […]